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Commercial Debt Collection Agency Sacramento | Types of Debtors

When you try to find any information on Commercial Debt Collection through the internet you will find thousands upon thousands of articles dedicated to the topic. However, if you have not done the legwork and consulted with an attorney, you should be very careful as to what advice you accept through a monitor.

Debt is and can be very serious, especially to a business. However there are four very specific categories that all debtors fall under; whether they are corporate, small, business, or even individual. When it comes to collecting to attempt a debt, you first need to know what category they fall into.


  • Prime: This is the perfect debtor actually. They have active funds going through their business and accounts. The reason why your invoice was not paid was most likely simply due to clerical error.
  • Prime with Dispute: This debtor has the funds to pay the invoice or debt, but may have a disagreement as far as the balance and refuses to pay due to that. This debtor usually turns into a payer once the dispute is tended to and fully explained.
  • Prime with subpar Financials: This debtor can often times play on a Commercial Debt Collection agencies heart strings. They genuinely want to pay the debt or invoice off, but financially they cannot. It may be for a number of different reasons, but no matter what the reasons remembering business is business keeps the personal attachment at bay. This is generally the best debtor to offer a realignment of a payment plan to.
  • Flat Refusal: These are the debtors that generally need to be dealt with legally. Whether they can afford it or not is not even the question; because either way they would refuse to pay.


One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what type of debtor you are trying to collect from; do not settle. Do not settle on less than what you are owed. It is highly recommended that any business seek professional Commercial Debt Collection assistance before going to far into the collection process.

Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial Debt Collection Agency Sacramento | Types of Debtors

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