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Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento Rules

If there was no debt then there would be no need for a professional Commercial Debt Collection agency in the first place. In reality we do not live in that world and there is plenty of debt, everywhere. Both business and personal. The great thing is that in the case of business debt it is possible to keep it off of your personal credit report. While it may be a bit more legwork, the outcome is worth it.

For starters you never want to ignore a demand for payment. Regardless of who it is from. This is even true if you believe you do not owe the money that is being demanded of you, you never ignore it. This will end in one thing; that debt being reported to both your business and personal credit report. There is really only to ways to keep this debt from your report; whether it is true information or not. Pay it off or work as a team with the agency to prove it is false information.

If you choose to pay the debt off then be willing to negotiate. In most cases a collection agency will offer you a sizable discount if you pay it off in a lump sum. This is often referred to as a ‘settlement’. That is a fine deal if you get all information in writing and are willing to pay the lump sum amount agreed upon immediately.

If that is not an option, consider a payment plan. A professional Commercial Debt Collection agency will already know your financial circumstances before they discuss options with you. So nine out of ten times they already know if a settlement or payment plan is a better option for your budget.

Lastly, always stay professional. Your personal and professional name are at stake here. Whether you feel it is a constituted debt or not, the agency feels it is until it is proven otherwise. There is no reason to be unprofessional or harsh with them.

Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento Rules

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