Five Stages Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento

Five Stages Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento

Five Stages Leading to Commercial Debt Collection

There is nothing fun or entertaining about Commercial Debt Collection; it is in fact a very ungratifying business. However it is absolutely necessary because unfortunately not everyone pays their bills; businesses included. The collection process can literally take five steps before it even hits an attorney’s desk. The five steps are listed below so everyone realizes just how many offers someone is made to actually pay a bill before it takes a legal turn.

The first letter will be lighthearted and basically just a reminder. Reminding the debtor that they have always paid on time previously and that the client is sure it is simply an oversight. Making an offer to the debtor in a very light tone they can remit payment today for no interruption of services or goods.

The second letter will follow generally 30 days after the first one. This letter may very well focus on relating with the debtor. Advising them that everyone has difficult times and this debt may have been overlooked during the perils of life itself, even going so far as attempting to take responsibility for poor service or goods.

The third letter generally follows the second letter by another 30 days. This letter will undoubtedly state the obvious. Letting them know they enjoyed your service and or product already for over two months and the ‘right’ thing to do is to remit payment. The end of the letter may stress the urgency of a return call in regards to payment.

The fourth letter is preparing to make the transfer from collections to Commercial Debt Collection firm stepping in. In this letter you will advise them again of the debt owed and advise them it is severely past due. It is legal t advisee them that you are being left with no choice but to refer to a professional collection agency.

The fifth letter is your final notice to the deb tor. By now it is apparent they are not going to pay for whatever reason. This letter simply notifies them that you are referring them to a legal Commercial Debt Collection firm and they will be in touch regarding further legal action to collect any balances due.

Five Stages Commercial Debt Collection Sacramento

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