Commercial debt collectors Sacramento Commercial Debt Collection Firm

Sacramento Commercial Debt Collection Firm

Are You Hiring The Right Commercial Debt Collection Firm?

Do you know what to look into when researching for the best Commercial Debt Collection law firm for your situation? Probably not as this is not a cookie cutter practice and is certainly not a one size fits all situation. There are some very hard questions that you must get an answer too before hiring an agency to handle your very personal financial collections. I have compiled a bulleted list of some of the main items to verify.

Checking the qualifications of your lawyer.

  • Verify with the state Bar Association to confirm there are no pending complaints filed
  • Can the lawyer appear in both state and federal court
  • What is the length of time they have been practicing
  • Is there an area of law specialized in besides Commercial Debt Collection

Other than the Bar; other groups the lawyer belong to. By belonging to other organizations and groups it shows that they are networked and deal with professionals on a regular basis. In many cases there are specific standards that are to be adhered to in order to continue with them. Also they offer a wealth of knowledge, not to mention the ability to bounce ideas off of them if needed.

  • Commercial Law League of America
  • National Association of Credit Management
  • International Association of Commercial Collectors

Lastly, making certain any lawyer firm or Commercial Debt Collection agency is bonded against embezzlement is crucial to the success of your collection. Remember at all times they are hired to collect your money. Money that ultimately belongs to you. This bond is your assurance that if anyone misappropriates your money, you still have a recourse as to how you can retrieve it.

When you are ready to sit down and discuss your situation or items that you need collected feel free to contact the office of Abrate & Olsen. We will be happy to offer a consultation in order to present what our company offers.

Sacramento Commercial Debt Collection Firm

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