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In the event of your being arrested for a criminal offense you could be detained pending a trial, but your release is possible providing bail is arranged at a figure determined by the court. Bail is granted as an assurance you make your appearance in court on the trial date. Your Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney can attempt a plea to the court, either for a reduction in the amount of bail set, or for it to be waived. He can support the plea on the grounds that you are a responsible person, who is not a flight risk.

Should you be guilty of committing a crime and all the available evidence points to you being found guilty following a trial, after consultation with your defense attorney, you could decide that you wish to enter into a plea bargain with the prosecution. This is a procedure that is a negotiated agreement; it is designed to reduce charges made to a lesser criminal degree, or the reduction of a sentence. Your Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney will represent you during the plea bargaining procedure, thereby increasing the potential for you to receive favorable consideration by the court.

Should there be a trial; during its preparation your attorneys will be present at the selection of a jury. During a trial, your defense attorney will be by your side to present your case to the court.  He or she will also protect your interests regarding the submission of evidence against you and subject the prosecution witnesses to cross examination as required. At the same time, your Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney will be continually analyzing the strength of the case against you and identifying strengths and weaknesses as and when they appear and how they affect the original prepared strategy.

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Court |  Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

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