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A felony category offense is regarded under the legal system as being the more serious crime, compared to a misdemeanor. It is usual for states in the USA and the federal government to consider any criminal offense, punished by one year or over in prison to be a felony offense. This doctrine is however, overridden by certain states considering any type of prison sentenced related crime, a felony. It is one crucial reason for any accused to employ the qualified skills of a criminal defense attorney!

Various examples of felony categorized crimes include: murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery, as well as arson. For the less serious crimes known as misdemeanors, the majority of states consider this determined offense a crime punishable by less than one year imprisonment. However, certain states regard a misdemeanor as a crime punishable by an imposed fine or a relatively light prison sentence. A criminal defense attorney will be fully conversant with the legal distinctions of the various crimes in the two categories, including misdemeanors that include; speeding, trespassing, vandalism and public intoxication.

For an accused found guilty of committing a crime, it is usual for the court to impose a punishment during the sentencing phase of a criminal trial. In this respect the various types of punishments that a defendant may receive for committing a crime, are determined by state and federal laws, but which will be subject to mitigation by a  criminal defense attorney.

Fines generally imposed on accused found guilty of misdemeanors, such as common traffic violations or shoplifting, can be influenced by state law, and the discretion of the sentencing judge. In the event of a prison sentence this occurs on an accused being found guilty of a more serious crime, such as a felony offense, although some states punish misdemeanors with a prison sentence of up to 12 months.

Crime -punishment and Defense Attorneys

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