Criminal Defense Attorney Examines

A Criminal Defense Attorney Examines the Harsher DUI Proposals

Being a skilled, educated, and completely up to date Criminal Defense Attorney means staying on top of the news. Recently in the news there has been discussions regarding the DUI policies and punishments. Did they need to be harsher? Do they need to be geared more towards jail time or rehabilitation time? It is a hard question to answer that is for sure. However, one thing is true: statistics do not lie. There is talk about harsher punishments and with the numbers and proof out there now, it may just need to happen.

The number of actual repeat DUI offenders is growing nationwide. It is estimated that one out of every five offenders, reoffends. There is speculation that within the next 24 months those numbers will change to one in three. That national average with be the highest in the world for reoffenders of the DUI charge. When one small county was polled there DUI cases had risen from 1,387 one year to 1,615 the next. Every single year since 2010 it has risen.

These stats are just a few reasons as to why there is talk of harsher punishments.

  • As of now there are 32 states that seize the vehicle of a reoffender, it is proposed that should cover every state.
  • The current statute of limitations in regards to a vehicular homicide while a DUI is two years, it is proposed that is eliminated entirely.
  • The charge of third-degree murder charges and also longer sentences should be enforced for any cases involving known malice. That means if someone drives drunk and they knew the possible outcome the charge would be more severe.

As of now these have not been in front of legislation, they will be highly controversial and will need time. However, it should not be forgotten that if there is an offense with an addiction tied to it, the addiction still needs to be the focal point. Without addressing the addiction the chance of reoccurrence is much greater.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Examines the Harsher DUI Proposals

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