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Ignorance is not bliss in criminal law

Although a layperson is not expected to possess knowledge or even understanding of criminal law or the procedures of the criminal justice system, this failing is not usually presented as an adequate defense, in an attempt to find the accused, not guilty of a criminal offense. Despite the right of an individual to self-representation, with certain criteria, in a court of law, the consequences of unqualified and inexperienced legal representation can be severe.

This is emphasized by the fact that without the support of an experienced and professional criminal defense attorney, misdemeanors, regarded as lesser category crimes, although carrying a fine or short jail sentence, it can be mitigated by a court-wise attorney. However, felonies, the most serious of crimes, can be punished by lengthy prison terms and it is, therefore, critical, that your legal representative is experienced, knowledgeable and adept in court expertise.

A highly qualified criminal defense attorney is capable of influencing a judge or jury court to reduce or drop charges against an accused, founded on insufficient evidence of guilt being presented or improper procedures being adopted; for example, arrest without probable cause! This is a term used to describe a compelling reason for believing an accused could be guilty of a crime. A defense attorney will possess an inherent knowledge of probable cause, as defined within a particular jurisdiction and accordingly, if justified, will present an appropriate challenge in court

Your criminal defense attorney can support and assist their clients throughout the entire criminal justice procedure, including pre-trial and contributes to the reason why some people an attorney even prior to being charged. This can frequently occur should a person be suspected of committing a crime, and they have reason to believe there is a charge pending against them!

Ignorance is not bliss in criminal law

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