Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Consulting

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Consulting

Free or Fee when Consulting with a Potential Criminal Defense Attorney?

There is a great debate on whether a Criminal Defense Attorney should offer free or fee involved consultations. There are great debates on both sides of the fence, especially where California law firms are involved.

There is a great deal of attorneys who frown upon a free consultation because it has been estimated that the vast majority of meeting end up not becoming actual clients. With this being the main thought, attorneys often times feel it is a waste of their time. Thankfully, that is the not the stance Abrate & Olsen Law Firm hold. They actually welcome free consultations in order to determine whether they are the right firm to help your situation. In this determination they are making certain they will not be wasting your time. Just another way that they look out for their potential clients.

It has been said that potential clients feel that a free consultation is a time for them to air their life stories or to be prepped for an actual hearing coming up. That is not at all what should occur during a consultation.

There are things that you should be prepared for in that first meeting:

  • Bring all pertinent paperwork; court orders, agreements, judgements, and any contracts
  • Bring any necessary death certificates or will
  • If you received a pre-questionnaire from the law firm; bring it back filled out
  • Discussion of merits and actions in regards to your case

It is important to stay on task and topic. Do not stray into your life history. This is good practice in the consultation as well as any legal meeting. The courtroom or jury are not going to be interested in that either. Everyone involved just wants facts from the case at hand.

When you are ready to schedule your free consultation with the Abrate & Olsen Law Firm you can do it directly through their secure website or by calling their office at 916-55-2688.

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Consulting


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