Sacramento Defense Attorneys, DNA issues

Sacramento Defense Attorneys, DNA issues

The reference to “DNA” is one that is so well known worldwide, it is expounded by anyone and everyone who has a television! However, the reality of the situation is borne by those who are charged with dealing with the related issues surrounding DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), on a regular basis. However, the question for any defense attorney in Sacramento who is representing a client charged with a criminal offense, is whether the wrong person being charged with a violent crime?

It is recorded that DNA transference or fabrication, and DNA testing errors have the potential of directing investigators to the wrong conclusion regarding submitted DNA evidence. It is to the extent that it can result in the wrong person being charged with a crime involving violence. It is a fact that ordinary citizens abhor crimes of a violent nature and the resultant and sometimes shocking effects on society. Therefore, if you are accused of a crime, it is a question of better safe than sorry, and hiring a qualified defense attorney in Sacramento.

There are recorded incidents related to issues with transference DNA and it is a chilling thought that this revered method of detection and elimination, is in fact, flawed.  Accordingly, if you are accused, but innocent of a violent crime, you could be literally at the mercy of the justice system. It is, therefore, strongly in your own interest to enlist the support and expertise of the best defense attorney in Sacramento, who offers experience in the complex issues surrounding DNA evidence.

It must be taken into account that in a trial before a jury, they do not possess a genetics background and will not be aware of the DNA processing system. Contrary to this, your criminal defense attorney will have the knowledge and the ability to provide the correct interpretation of evidence.

Sacramento Defense Attorneys, DNA issues

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