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Part of the procedure related to a criminal case is known as discovery proceedings, in which a Sacramento defense attorney can demand the prosecution to disclose copies of the evidence obtained by law enforcement agencies. In particular cases such as driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI), the police reports, laboratory results, video recordings, and other materials could influence whether a case is settled or continues to trial. In order to arrive at informed decisions, counsel representing a defendant must obtain this crucial material.

Should the state refuse to offer a plea bargain option to a defendant that is not acceptable, the case will proceed to trial! It is at this stage in the proceedings that witnesses are subjected to questioning and arguments are presented to a jury. The conducting of a trial requires particular legal skills such as those found in your Sacramento defense attorney and it is a challenge usually beyond the capability of any layperson. A specific ability is needed to perform an effective and productive cross-examination, which at the same time, complies with the rules of evidence, among others. It must be recognized that the outcome of this procedure could determine whether a defendant remains a free person, or is incarcerated in jail.

In the instance of a first offender being represented by a Sacramento defense attorney and depending on the nature of the crime, there are programs directed towards rehabilitating an individual who committed a crime, instead of placing them in prison or jail. First offender programs are designed for the society related effects of crime, rather than the punishing of an offender. Supporters of these programs make reference to the societal benefits of guidance away from a criminal future and benefits derived from not tainting an individual’s status within the community.

Win your day in Court | Sacramento defense attorney


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