Sacramento Estate Planning Checklist

Sacramento Estate Planning Checklist

We use a checklist when we plan a family vacation, go over pros and cons of any situation, so why not use a checklist when Estate Planning is the topic at hand? For one thing it will keep you from forgetting something very crucial to your estate and the benefit of your predecessors that will be continuing your legacy.

  • First things first get your will together. You can speak from your grave with a will. Yu can dictate who inherits what, how it is handled, and even name guardians for your minor children. A will is your insurance policy that will ensure your wishes are carried out appropriately.
  • You may want to consider setting up a trust so that your surviving family members will not have to worry about the stress of going through probate court. Not only can probate court be expensive it can be quite time consuming.
  • Have your health care and finances secured. You can do this simply by having a medical care directive and a financial power of attorney in place, in writing. It is not recommended that one person handle both aspects. Death can and will be a stressful situation; burdening one person with two stressors is not entirely smart.
  • Any living minor children should have a responsible adult in place to manage their finances and care. This sometimes can be the same person. In many cases it is because the caretaker is the one to know the immediate needs of the children.
  • Funeral costs are rises on a daily basis. Some people invest in a funeral prepayment plan, if you do then ask yourself this; what happens if they go out of business? Where have your funds gone? The better alternative is a payable upon death bank account. Monthly you are able to deposit money into the account to be available at the time of your death for funeral expenses.

This is only five items to get your checklist started.  Once you really start investigating Estate Planning you will be adding more. For help with your specific Estate Planning please contact Abrate & Olsen.

Sacramento Estate Planning Checklist

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