Sacramento Commercial Debt Collection Steps Commercial debt collection sacramento

Sacramento Commercial Debt Collection Steps

Unfortunately being in business will mean you will inevitably encounter people that are not fully vested in fulfilling their contractual agreements with you. That is a long sentence to mean this; Commercial Debt Collection is a very necessary act in business. As you will venture out into contracts, money changing hands, and in the end you are standing there with your hands empty. It does not however mean that your first course of action is to contact a lawyer to handle it for you. Much debt collection can be done in your very office.

Here are a few steps to implement before enlisting a lawyer to step in:

Do not lose contact. Whether the debt is small or large, do not lose the physical or phone contact with them. In many cases had the individual reached out to the borrower they may have found there were serious circumstances that delayed payment. More often than not, these are easier to work with than if communication just stops.

If they choose to avoid contact and you can tell it is purposefully done then a written notice may be the way to handle them. Sending a written demand certified mail or through a courier service is always the best plan of action. This way the receiver has to sign and acknowledge that they have your demand for payment in their hands.

Do not say no to negotiation. There may come a time when there is a dispute in payment amounts or terms. Instead of acquiring Commercial Debt Collection assistance at that time from a lawyer, attempt negotiation. You never know; there may be a satisfactory solution for you both.

If all else fails and there is no solution in sight then you need to consider contacting the professionals within the Law Group of Abrate & Olsen. They are skilled in Commercial Debt Collection and will sit with you and develop a plan tailor made to you and your companies situation.

Sacramento Commercial Debt Collection Steps

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