Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Support

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Support

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney – Support. Wisconsin, Colorado, Georgia, and not Maryland. What do they all have in common? They are all recently associated with killings involving black men and white police officers. The side of a Criminal Defense Attorney in a slaying case as of these is a very difficult one. An almost impossible stand to take, defending someone on the same side as you against the same side as you. It often can become heated and very controversial. One thing you cannot allow it to become is personal.

That is easy to say; but almost impossible to do.

The firm of Abrate and Olsen represent clients from estate planning to criminal defense. It does not matter to this firm what side of the tracks a client grew up on or the gender or the color of their skin. If their genuinely need representation; we will provide it.

With this growing number of killings by officers al across the globe it does spike the antennas of all Criminal Defense Attorneys no matter what state you are in, mainly because we fight for justice. We do not fight for a lighter sentence or to get someone ‘off’. We fight for what everyone else fights for ‘a fair and just trial for our client’.

The general consensus towards the officers who pulled the trigger is that they are racist or that they see a black face and associate it with crime or being a thug. When in all honesty a police officer sees a threat before they see a color. They may deem it necessary to use lethal force because that is the only defense they have at that moment. Understand that a police officer s going into a situation with only a fraction of the information with even a less amount of reaction time allowed.

If you find yourself in need of an excellent and quite experienced Criminal Defense Attorney please contact the office of Abrate and Olsen for a free consultation.

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Support

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